Introducing Me

I've thought about writing a blog for quite sometime now. I've been using my Instagram account to share some of my adventures, but I feel that by posting a picture I cannot fully share the experience with other people and that's why I've decided to create this blog.

I love exploring and discovering little places all over Europe, some of which are a little bit off the beaten track and hidden away from the typical tourist destinations. Don't get me wrong, I adore a lot of the larger, quintessential tourist hotspots of Europe, but in a sense I feel that these destinations have become so saturated with tourists that they lack some of the original charm that attracted the tourists in the first place.

I love discovering the local cultures, architecture, delicacies and fashion trends of other European towns and cities. After reading my posts I'm hoping you'll feel inspired to explore some of the destinations I've mentioned or discover some of your own European hidden gems.  It would be amazing if you could share your travel experiences with me too. Happy reading!

Sarah x 

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