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Sun, Sangria and Semana Santa in Seville

Gazing at my pin map of Europe one rainy afternoon I was drawn to Spain, I don't know if it was that saying  'the rain in Spain stays mainly on the plane' and the fact it was raining outside that made me notice there were hardly any pins in that country in comparison to some of the other countries on my map of Europe. I decided there and then that I was going to plan my next trip to Spain.

I had no desire to go to one of the popular 'Brits abroad' destinations. I wanted more authentic Spain. Somewhere where we could learn something new about the country's values, cultures and traditions. Both me and my partner had visited Barcelona and we were keen to discover somewhere new. I also have a Spanish friend in Valencia and have been educated on Valencian history, culture, religion and traditions by her. It was time to cultivate my knowledge of Spain in an new area of the country.  We were torn between Granada and Seville, both cities exhibit Moorish influenced arch…